Rabbi Zimmerman on Passover as a Powerful Pedagogic Experience


When Passover approaches, I often reflect on the ways that the ancient and communal ritual of the seder is also very personal. For me, the essence of Passover has been […]

Who The Folk?! Julie Dean


Julie Dean’s passion for Mussar – the thousand-year-old Jewish tradition centered on character traits – led her to start Twin Cities Mussar, an organization that is devoted to facilitating groups […]

So You Think You Know the Story of the Megillah?


Why do children dress up and adults hide their identity behind masks on Purim? Because concealment and secrecy play a pivotal role in the story. Things — and people — […]

How To Help My Child Read Torah When My Skills Are Lacking?


Got a question? Fill out this form to submit your anonymous question to be answered in a future column. Dear Miriam,  My 11-year-old is very interested in learning how to […]

Frame Our Lives With Light, Rabbi Zimmerman Says


Chanukah, we often say, is the festival of light. From Minnesota to Jerusalem, menorahs shine brightly on cold December nights. And especially this year, we link ourselves to all Jews […]

Where To Get Sufganiyot In Time For Hanukkah?


With Hanukkah just around the corner, now is the perfect time to think about where you can purchase sufganiyot for the holiday. Sufganiyot (the Hebrew word for “donuts”) are a […]

The Science of Religion: Observations from a Jewish Astrophysicist


If you go camping in the Southern California desert, outdoorsy experts will tell you to bring heavy blankets and check your shoes for scorpions. But while you’re preparing for tent […]

Teshuvah and The Environment


As we engage during the High Holidays in the process of teshuvah/repentance or change, we mostly focus on how we have hurt other people and how we want to be […]

Trying to Attain Perfection In An Imperfect World


“The place that those who do teshuvah can attain; — those who are completely righteous can never attain. Be-makom she-ba’alei teshuvah omdin ein tzadikkim gemurim ye-kholin l’amode.“ (Tractate Berakhot 34b) […]

Who By Water and Who By Fire


Look around you on Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur as the powerful, frightening piyyut (liturgical poem) of UnetaneTokef is sung during the Musaf prayer. This awe-inspiring section depicts how we […]