Sexy Hanukkah Music, Gilad Shalit, & a Focus on the Family Boycott: this week’s Shavua Tov

Bracha for the light. by Alexander Smolianitski.Don’t miss this week’s hottest Jewish news. Prez. Obama selects an Anti-Semitism envoy, a deal is brokered for kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, Focus on the Family repulses us all with its newest boycott, a new movie on God opens at the Lagoon (we have the trailer), and we give you the sexiest Hanukkah song you’ll ever hear. Shavua Tov. Hope you all have an awesome week.

1. “Keeping Christmas Shopping Safe for Christians” (Jewschool) and “New Website Helps You Avoid Jew Stores” (Wonkette) examine the right wing “Focus on the Family” campaign entitled “Stand for Christmas” which encourages boycott and criticism of stores that refuse to say “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays”.

2. Prez Obama picks Jewish Council for Public Affairs Exec Dir. Hannah Rosenthal to be the administration’s Anti-Semitism envoy, and the National Jewish Democratic Committee’s David Harris responds to right-wing bloggers critical of the choice in his Talking Points Memo post “Would Obama Appoint an ‘Anti-Israel Lobbyist’ to Anti-Semitism Envoy?

3. There’s no doubt. This is the hottest Hanukkah song I’ve ever heard. Listen to Chevonne sing “My Menorah” thanks to Her voice is stunning.


4. “Israel could release 980 Palestinians to free soldier, Prosecutors say.” CNN. Oh, and by “Palestinians” CNN means “Hamas terrorists captured in a 2006 raid near Gaza.” Worth it? Unsafe? Add your thoughts to the comments.

4. “The Land of No Hip Hop” – Ha’aretz – Israeli rapper Sagol 59 writes about Hip Hop (or the lack of it) in Israel.

5. Here’s the trailer for “Oh My God?” the movie, now showing at the Lagoon in Uptown. Read the American Jewish World’s article about the movie. I can’t wait to see it. The trailer gives me the shivers.


(Photo of Havdalah candle: Alexander Smolianitski)