Let's Kibbitz: on Defending (or not) Israel

[Ask Shuli is on vacation, so we’re asking you, our TC Jewfolk readers, to answer this question amongst yourselves. Nu, two Jews, three opinions, right? Let’s have it.]
Israel’s in the news again. Did you notice?
Did all of your non-Jewish friends and colleagues ask you your opinion on the Gaza Flotilla craziness, the latest crisis in the holyland (see Jenna’s riveting take on the problem here)? And how did you respond… this time?
We’re curious – do any of you feel that you defend Israel’s actions time and time again regardless of whether you understand the issues/the specific details of the latest crisis, because of a gut reaction, an instinct to support our people, struggling for survival in an embattled slice of the Middle East? Or do you shy away, uncomfortable at the question, the issue, the implications? Do you debate yourself, others, or both?
Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and remember that you can always post anonymously.
(Photo: hoyasmeg)