Nine* Reasons Why I’m Devastated Fishman’s Deli is Closing

This is a Guest Post by Nadia Maccabee-Ryaboy.
If you haven’t heard the news yet, Fishman’s Deli in Saint Louis Park says it’s shutting its doors in a month.  Here are the Nine* Reasons Why I’m Devastated that Fishman’s Deli is Closing.

  1. Fishman’s delivers amazing challah, conveniently, to local Jewish day care programs such as the Gan at Adath and the Early Child Care Center at the JCC. What a great service to the community!
  2. Fishman’s is stock-full of Israeli products. Whether it’s Israeli chocolate (second only to the Swedes’) or Israeli feta for a salad, Fishman’s has enabled us to bring Israel into our homes.
  3. Fishman’s has THE BEST parve’ apple pie. With a dollop of soy ice cream, you can’t beat this.
  4. Fishman’s staff is incredibly friendly; I always find myself chatting it up with baker Jeff Sherman or one of the lovely women checking out my groceries.
  5. Fishman’s has a huge variety of fresh kosher meat that I can’t get other places (e.g. Cub or Target), such as Israeli “pargiot” meat (boneless chicken thighs) and kosher lamb chops (on order, these are much cheaper than when ordered from Byerly’s in St. Louis Park).
  6. Fishman’s has killer chicken pate’ and other deli delights. This morning my 18-month-old daughter asked me to put the pate’ on a piece of waffle (I did and she cried when I wouldn’t eat it), BUT on a whole-wheat cracker, that stuff is scrumptious.
  7. Fishman’s has great Jewish stuff: whether it’s those stickers for kosher dishes that say “dairy” or “meat,” or Jewish books/toys/games around Holiday time, this is a Jew’s one-stop-shop.
  8. Around Purim time last year I was having trouble figuring out exactly what to fill my Hamentashen with (dozens of cans of pie fillings at the Cub overwhelmed me), and Fishman’s simply filled up some deli containers with poppyseed and jam filling- – voila! However, I still need to figure out how to keep my hamentashen from falling apart…
  9. While they may have kosher food at big grocery stores (a convenience I do appreciate), the feeling of being in an intimate Jewish market, surrounded by other Jews who wish you “good shabbos” on a Friday afternoon is a rare luxury in Minnesota. And one I will miss.
  10. ………

*Nu? Just nine? What else are you going to miss when Fishman’s Deli closes?
(Photo: Facebook)