‘Christmukah’ from the Perspective of an ‘Interfaith’ Jew


It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Christmas. It’s the time when we watch our Hallmark movies, pull out the festive wrapping paper, and weave through the line […]

Celebrating Hanukkah and Kwanzaa Feels Extra Important This Year


The holiday season is upon us, and this year it feels more special and important than ever before. My home is interfaith and intercultural; this year we will be celebrating […]

The Soviet-American Hanukkah


Although Chanukah is technically a minor Jewish holiday, there is no denying that its importance has been inflated for Jews living in the United States. Considering its proximity to Christmas, […]

College Groups Experience Holocaust Museum Trip


As part of his sociology professorship, Tim Pippert makes it a priority to teach his Augsburg University students out of the classroom and get them experiential learning opportunities. Knowing about […]

Overcoming Antisemitism To Find A Welcoming Community


“Welcome to the tribe,” said the Jewish caterer, with sincerity and a big grin, as we met to discuss the food choices for my wedding reception. I had no idea […]

Navigating The Challenges In Deciding Religious Practices


If you and your partner differ in observance, or if you’re in an interfaith marriage, you may struggle to make decisions about your family’s religious practices that work for everyone. […]

Daily Dreidel: A Hanukkah Activity For Couples 


Hanukkah approaches. In this busy season, it’s easy to neglect your relationship as you get swept up in cooking, making the holiday special, and shuttling kids back and forth. If […]

Interfaith Prayer Wall Visually Unites Artists


Apiece of art can evoke an array of emotions and a variety of interpretations from different people, but one thing is clear: art appeals to nearly everyone, uniting people of […]