December 2019 Get the Folk Out!


2019 is on the outs, friends. But December… December always holds some delightful farewells, and this one is no different. We’ve got some great parties — both in the professional […]

Honeymoon Israel: ‘We Believe In This Trip’


On the fence about applying for Honeymoon Israel? Andrew and Dudley Deshommes-Kohl say: DO IT. These days, their calendars are full: Shabbat taco night. Reminiscing over Shakshouka for brunch. Shabbat-hopping […]

Jews, Ramadan, & Solidarity


We know how validating it can be to see ourselves reflected in institutions.

How Two Faiths Collide


We know who we are.

USCJ CEO Rabbi Steve Wernick Talks Intermarriage


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Rabbi Steve Wernick, CEO of the United Synagogue for Conservative Judaism, about his views on intermarriage. A pressing and dividing […]

Struggling With A Belief in God


It is very hard for me to admit to others that I do not believe in God. I probably have told more people my weight than admit to this. Even […]