Goyish vs. Jewish: Noshin’ Edition

A few weeks ago while in Barnes & Noble, I found myself in the calendar section. I always get a kick out of the boxed desk calendars that seem to come in thousands of varieties. When I worked at a large corporation, I got the Dilbert one – you know, my little jab at the big man. Since I now live here, I tend to get something Jewish-themed.

I like having daily reminders that while I haven’t fully felt my toes since November, I am still a certified MOT. For 2010, I bought the Yiddish-of-the-day calendar. I debated getting that one again, but then I came across my favorite calendar of all time: Goyish vs. Jewish.

I realized though that it would be a much better investment for my office-mate – who genuinely appreciates my non-stop barrage of Jewishness. Every day is an adventure – with some being better than others. But as we enter the 3rd week of the year, one theme has dominated over the others: food.

Here are a couple to chew on:

Miracle Whip: Goyish

Mayo: Jewish

I can honestly say that while I saw Miracle Whip commercials throughout my childhood, I don’t ever believe I’ve tried it. Meanwhile, that large jar of Mayo was a constant on the fridge door.

Blueberry, Jalapeno, and Green Chili Bagels: Goyish

Onion, Poppy, and Sesame Bagels: Jewish

I just can’t fathom my dad ordering any of these new bagel varieties for himself.

So I started thinking of others – and who knows, they might even appear in the calendar at some point. Without further ado…

Ketchup on a hot dog: Goyish

Mustard on a hot dog: Jewish

Ham: Goyish

Bacon: Jewish

Buffet: Goyish

Smorgasbord: Jewish

White bread: Goyish

Rye bread: Jewish

White wine: Goyish

Red wine: Jewish

Lund’s: Goyish

Byerly’s: Jewish

Sweet Rolls: Goyish

Danish: Jewish

Who has some others? Let’s see what you got!