We strengthen the Greater St. Paul community by nurturing physical, intellectual, social and spiritual growth in an inclusive environment defined by Jewish values and culture. The St. Paul JCC continues to be a vibrant, engaged and thriving community center welcoming a diverse and expanding membership. The JCC will create new and unique ways for members and the community to experience, appreciate, deepen and enrich their connection to contemporary Jewish culture. The Center will recognize and embrace change to meet emerging needs, imagining the possible, within and beyond its walls.

Our Values
The St. Paul JCC creates a welcoming tent by valuing:

Kavod – Respect for One Another

Kehillah – Community

L’dor V’dor – Connections at All Stages of Life

Ha’ashara – Enriching the Mind/Body/Spirit

Hitz’tayinut – Excellence

Hemshechiyut – Sustainability