Mission statement:

Young Adult Leadership Action (YALA) is a community hub that supports the growth of young Jewish adults and Jewish organizations in the Twin Cities in the areas of leadership, volunteerism, philanthropy, and community connection.

Vision statement:

YALA stewards the growth of individuals, supports the community organizations making their growth possible, and believes in fostering long-term relationships to involve Jewish young adults as volunteers, leaders, and visionaries today and for years to come.


Community organizations are at the center of the work we do. We support and believe in them.

Leadership comes in many shapes and sizes and doesn’t belong exclusively to the boardroom.

We believe in relationship-building and bridging young adults and community organizations together for personal and professional growth.

We believe our community is diverse and we strive to honor and reflect that diversity.

We empower young adults to make Judaism their own.

Long-term relationships between YALA and the young adults we serve is a fundamental facet of community leadership; we invest in you from first spark to full flame.

YALA’s strength is its many different facets of outreach and community-building.

Questions? Want to get involved? Email Ivan Gil in Minneapolis at [email protected] or Tal Dror Rouache in St. Paul at [email protected]