On Iran: A Deal Without Trust

Sure, we’re excited about the deal with Iran. But did it accomplish any of the actual goals? Can anything of value really be accomplished without trust?

Party Thanksgivukkah Style on Wednesday Night

Thanksgivukkah. By now we all know how about this rare and historic convergence. We all celebrate Hanukkah. We all celebrate Thanksgiving. As the phenomenon of Thanksgivukkah touches every American Jew, it makes sense that not only Jewish media but much of mainstream media has shown a spotlight on it as well. I’d like to discuss […]

A TC Jewfolk Primer, or Leora's Speech for the Cardozo Society

My speech Thursday at the Cardozo Society’s annual dinner is a great primer on TC Jewfolk if you’re ever trying to explain to someone what this site is, or why you love it, or what it does for our Twin Cities’ Jewish community. Please read, and share with your Bubbe/parents/friends/Hebrew School Teachers, etc.

U of M Students Party, Israel Style!

On Thursday, November 7, Israel groups on campus organized one big Israel party to recognize Israel’s accomplishments and beauty. Israel Club Night was the one event that pro-Israel students all across the political spectrum were able to celebrate Israel’s existence!