Thanking Minnesotans For Showing Up To Support Israel

On Thursday, May 13, I was part of a crowd of Minnesotans gathered at the State Capitol building in St. Paul to show our support for the State of Israel during the current efforts to defend its citizens from the aggression of the recognized Palestinian terror organization Hamas. Following many rockets on Israeli citizens, the […]

Parenting By Parsha: Bamidbar

This week we begin the book of Bamidbar. Literally translated, the title of this book is ‘In the Wilderness,’ but the English name somehow ended up as Numbers. Actually, though, that’s not too surprising. The very first chapter of the book of Numbers is quite simply that — a list of numbers. It’s basically a […]

WTF Do We Do Now?

Tired, scared, isolated. That’s how it’s felt in recent days with the current round of violence in Israel. Even though we aren’t under threat of actual rockets or airstrikes here in Minnesota, it can often feel like we are. I’m accused of supporting ethnic cleansing, white supremacy and genocide against Palestinians by the left. The […]

Parenting By Parsha: Achrei Mot-Kedoshim

My toddler knows how to say the word “no” now. To be completely fair, he also knows a lot of other words. Actually, this week he said his first full sentence — when my wife asked what he was doing (building a Lego tower), our little one slowly said “Ani boneh!” (I’m building!), and we […]

Social Initiative To Bring Remembrance To The Living Room

Across the Twin Cities two weeks ago, people gathered in virtual living rooms as a part of Zikaron BaSalon, a Holocaust remembrance initiative that started in Israel and has been making its way across the U.S., including Minnesota, in recent years. The Minneapolis and St. Paul Jewish Federations and JCRC partnered for two nights of […]

Parenting By Parsha: Shemini

Shemini, or ‘eighth,’ is not a portion about Crazy Eights. It does start by telling us what should happen on the eighth day (unusual for the Bible, wherein so many things happen on the seventh day), and dives right into some more sacrifices, in case you hadn’t had enough yet. Then the book of Leviticus […]

How SVARA Is Making Talmudic Learning Accessible

My first solo outing as a new mom was to a gathering of queer Jews studying Talmud in a heimisch, if simple, room in Brooklyn. It was September 2019, back when gathering with a bunch of unmasked folks for hummus, tortilla chips, and Talmud study was a harmless activity. The gathering was part of an […]

In The Twinkling of an Eye: Five Features Of The Upcoming Pandemic Transitions

Prelude  We will soon be going through a transition. Some prefer to call it the movement towards a “new” normal. In our volume L’Dor V’Dor in the Digital Age, we call it more simply pre-pandemic, pandemic and post-pandemic. When will the transition occur? That, of course, involves prophetic powers well beyond my paygrade. Nor do I have […]