Who The Folk?! Sheila Leventhal



As Cecil’s Deli celebrates its 70th anniversary today, there is one person who has been involved since the beginning: Sheila Leventhal. As the daughter of the founders, Cecil and Faye Glickman, Sheila started as an 8-year-old helping around the market before the restaurant even opened 15 years later. Sheila reflects on a life shaping the […]

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Penny’s Coffee Rolls Out New Israeli-Inspired Menu



Shawn McKenzie has big plans for Penny’s Coffee — and they involve za’atar. Penny’s, known for its modern design, artisanal coffee, and crepes, added Shawn to the team in the fall as its culinary director. In March, they unveiled their in-house bakery. On the menu: tahini babka, bourekas, and — new this week — challah. […]

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In Memoriam: Meyvn



With last week’s announcement that Meyvn was closing, the Twin Cities again bids farewell to an attempt at a deli, as the Lyn-Lake eatery joins the list of those trying to take up the mantle since Lincoln Del’s closure in 2000. Here’s the thing about Meyvn: It was good. Not great. Not otherworldly. And that, […]

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Behind The Scenes Of Beth El’s Tu B’Shevat Seder



What does it take to put on a one-of-a-kind event for a less-than-well-known holiday? Or asking top local chefs to step outside of their comfort zones to cook in a style that they aren’t used to? That’s what happens each winter at Beth El Synagogue for the annual Tu B’Shevat Seder. This year’s event was […]

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Refresh Your Tu B’shvat With These Recipes



With a dusting of fresh snow on the ground and single-digit temperatures, it’s hard to believe that spring is around the corner. Yet in Israel – it truly is. As we prepare to celebrate Earth, spring and renewal for Tu B’shvat on Jan. 21, how about we refresh our old recipes as well? Instead of […]

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Jeff’s Jewy January



One of the things that drew me to TC Jewfolk years ago was the fact that through the internet and social media, there was no judgment about me or my Judaism. It was and is an online community for all of the Jews here – regardless of how we participated, where we participated, and with […]

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Mall Of America’s Kashrut Boom



In 2018 the Mall of America got its first ever Kosher certified restaurant, Earth Burger. Located in the food court (below the movie theaters), Earth Burger is the first national vegan fast-food chain. It carries a Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc) Kosher certification and serves two different veggie burgers, BBQ jackfruit, Chik’n tenders and a variety […]

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